Black Storm Alice Des Moines, IA


Black Storm Alice

Despite the diverse influences and personalities that make up Des Moines, Iowa band BLACK STORM ALICE,there is no doubt about the kind of music they serve up: rock and roll with a healthy side order of improvisation. While this may brand them as a "jam band" in some circles, be advised their style of improvisation has its roots in bands like Cream, Gov't Mule and early experimental Grateful Dead more than the lighter, funkier fare that label brings to mind.

Like all great bands, the story starts with the rhythm section. DOUG DIAZ's Motown-by-way-of-Liverpool drumming keeps things nailed down, while bassist LORENZ INEZ vibrates the stage with a sound that's often felt more than heard. On guitar, DOUG UHLENHOPP has one foot firmly planted in Chicago, and the other one in Seattle. Riding this tsunami of sound like a champion shredder is vocalist HANNA JONES, who's become as known for her outlandish home-made stage outfits as her dynamic singing

BLACK STORM ALICE has honed their live chops in places like the Hull Ave Tap and The Underground as well as The Des Moines Social club (where they played one of their many benefits for Bike MS). Soon after recording their "$2 EP", they realized their goal of playing Des Moines' legendary House of Bricks. The owners were so impressed that the band was invited back to headline a show July 4th weekend--an event documented on "Glowsticks and Feedback: Live at the House of Bricks".


The $2 EP

The $2 EP

1. Secret Thing
2. Turn Around
3. Sanctimonious Hypocrisy
4. Larry's Hat (The Candy Man)
Glowsticks and Feedback: Live at the House of Bricks

Glowsticks and Feedback: Live at the House of Bricks

1. Secret Thing (Live)
2. Turn Around (Live)
3. Sanctimonius Hypocrisy (Live)
4. SSB/Larry's Hat (Live)
5. Bitch (Live)
6. The Becoming (Live)