Longbottom Leaf Des Moines, IA


Longbottom Leaf

Longbottom Leaf is a musical contrivance from the minds of Blake Brown, Cort Brown, Jordan Krohn, and Erik Brown. The music touches on a variety of topics but strives to be an honest representation of a thought during the moment of its creation. The band focuses on such contrasts as dark and light, known and unknown, living and existence. Each member brings a unique perspective to a song and we imbue each song with the collective scent of our personal baggage and struggles, along with our love and sincerity. In the end, our wish is to present and create authentic music that we like. We hope you like it (or hate it) too.


The Camel, the Lion, and the Child

The Camel, the Lion, and the Child

1. Billowing the Uphill
2. The Sea Before the Isle
3. Shadowed Glances
4. Nonapception
5. An Ode to the Unknowable
6. Admission of Yearning
7. Billowing the Downhill
The Everyday and the Unknown

The Everyday and the Unknown

1. Aporia
2. Silverlace Evening
3. Vagrant
4. Silent Effection
5. A Thirst For Water