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Bonne Finken

To hear her sing, you’d never know Bonne Finken was once a shy, small-town-Iowa girl. Her confident, passionate vocals demand the attention she used to studiously avoid. As Finken embarks on 2014, she is set to reveal her most ambitious, honest, and vulnerable release to date.

On the heels of a new single and music video for the robust pop anthem “Step Back Baby,” audiences are getting a sense of the new direction for Finken’s third studio album, Fairytales/LoveAffairs, due out later this year. Exploring all facets of love, from the thrill of the strong emotion to questioning the definition of love and the downsides of loss and walking away, Finken dives into the personal struggles relatable to all of us. Reuniting with Jon Locker (Finken’s Soul On Display), Bonne also collaborated on production for the first time with Matt Sepanic (The Envy Corps, Slipknot), Brandon Darner (The Envy Corps, Imagine Dragons), and executive producer Michael Krompass (Nelly Furtado, Natasha Bedingfield). This new approach provides Fairytales/LoveAffairs a heightened feel compared to Finken’s previous releases.

Musically, Finken is determined to stay true to her own personal sound — one she feels has reached a pinnacle with this new material. She doesn’t strive to achieve anyone else’s mold, which is apparent in her remarkably versatile voice that allows her to transcend genres effortlessly. One moment, she’s making your heart race with a take-no-prisoners approach to a slice of driving, R&B-tinged pop. The next, she’s melting your heart with a soul-inspired ballad. Finken even has the capability to carry a down-and-dirty, loud rocker. The fact that her vocal delivery has been compared to both the soulful croon of Annie Lennox and to the legendary wail of Janis Joplin is a testament to her impressive adaptability.

Finken’s love of singing was instilled by her father when she was a child in Knoxville, Iowa. A victorious battle with cancer at the age of 24 added fuel to her burning musical passion. Re-evaluating her priorities, Finken realized, “The only thing I’ve ever wanted my whole life was to sing.” She cut her teeth as a performer in local karaoke competitions and as a vocalist-for-hire in various cover bands. But her days of singing other people’s material were numbered. Finken emerged from her cancer scare with the confidence to begin composing her own songs, which soon poured forth in abundance.

Finken independently released her first collection of original material with 2008’s Soul on Display, followed up by the Expectation Fall EP in 2011, and most recently released a live album in 2012 entitled Live from the Loft. Her music has led to numerous opportunities including opening slots for acts such as The Bodeans, The Verve Pipe, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Matthew Sweet, and one of her idols, Lisa Marie Presley, which even led to Lisa Marie commenting on stage that Bonne’s opening set was actually better than herself. The industry continues to knock on Finken’s door to offer recording and publishing deals, but she has chosen to remain an independent artist until she finds the right home for her music and vision.

That fearlessness and desire to remain true to herself and music continually wins her new followers each time she performs and every time her recordings are heard. Finken’s propensity for musical growth and her incomparable work ethic promise refreshing and exhilarating musical experiences for years to come. Stay tuned for her next move — the only predictable aspect of which is a phenomenal lead vocal performance.


Expectation Fall

Expectation Fall

1. Mysterious
2. Little Things
3. Boyfriend
4. No Street Name
5. One Goodbye
6. Expectation Fall
Soul on Display

Soul on Display

1. Higher
2. Sweetness
3. I'm Thinking
4. Why Today
5. Do Right
6. Possibly Impossible
7. Knee Deep
8. My City of Industry
9. Valentine
10. Childhood Dreams (Shades of White)


1. Fall
3. Step Back Baby
5. Isaiah
6. Gone feat. Jerry Lorenson
7. Please
8. Magic