Cashes Rivers Des Moines, IA


Cashes Rivers

Cashes Rivers’ attention grabbing sound is crafted by singer songwriter Matthew Garcia who pulls from his family’s abject past and community’s warm embrace to form exuberantly life affirming songs with a keen sense of the realities and pitfalls of that life affirmed. The band’s multi-instrumental indie folk, which often touts a full brass and string section, takes the home grown approach of Neutral Milk Hotel, the bombast of Band of Horses, and the summer fun of Pavement.


Cashes Rivers

Cashes Rivers

1. As I Drift
2. Tracks
3. Local Drunk
4. Atoms
5. Our Boats
6. Do We Play Favorites?
7. Beep, Beep
8. When It Rains
9. Half of Us (When It Rains outro)
10. Man Made of Mud
11. Flowers
12. Quite a Change
The Trees Willl Clap For Us...  (EP)

The Trees Willl Clap For Us... (EP)

5. The Spelled and Misspelled
7. Hope Ropes Me In