rae & the Honeybees Des Moines, IA


rae & the Honeybees

rae started the Honeybees started in October of 2007, and within six months recorded her first EP "Faders Up". rae has played everything from coffee houses to historic live music venues like Lion's Lair in Denver; and in just a little over one year she has shared stages with many acts including Coles Whalen and Dick Prall. she expertly combines her ecclectic mix of musical influences into a sound that can take listeners on a journey from intimate and melodic ballads to can't-stay-in-your-seat rock. rae is in a perpetual state of writing new music and is ready to head back into the studio for her first full lenght LP. she is working her way across the country to bring her unique acoustic rock sound to live music hive near you.


Faders Up

Faders Up

1. Impotent Heart
2. I Might (Temptation's Whore)
3. Over Again
4. Hallelujah
5. Fix Me Up Again
Naked In Front of the Crowd

Naked In Front of the Crowd

1. Recovery
2. Your Eyes
3. Better
4. I've Lost You