D.D.E.P. Des Moines, IA



Orignality abounds as folk/rap band, D.D.E.P., tackles subjects ranging from hobos to strippers to strap-ons. $Mic and Chang build hilarity into genuine musical talent while M.C. Lyrical continues his brilliant flow with lyrics that bend the mind. D.D.E.P. has been compared to Tenacious D and the Lonely Island boys but continue to showcase an original sound that stems from $Mic's midwest upbringing in a small Iowa community and Lyrical's growing up in Philadlephia, Pennsylvania. The combination has created a band that Juice called " a combination of humor and musicality that would give Flight of the Conchords a run for their money." From the synth driven beat in "Shit Show" to the rockabilly flow in "Hoboz" D.D.E.P. will put a smile on your face and lyircs in your head that you'll be singing for days


Greatest Hitz Too...Droppin' the Deuce

Greatest Hitz Too...Droppin' the Deuce

1. Shit Show
2. In & Out
3. Strip Teaze
4. Ninjaz
5. 3:10 to Poontown
6. Cougarz
7. Love Song Gone Wrong
8. Zunday Bloody Sunday
9. Hoboz
10. P.O.B.
11. One Armed Bandit
12. Phakerz
13. Dreamz
14. Strap On