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Unknown Component

Unknown Component is the musical project of Keith Lynch based out of Des Moines, Iowa. To date, the project consists of seven self-released independent albums, and two unreleased albums, volumes I and II. All of which were written, and recorded by Lynch. The most recently released album, titled ‘The Infinite Definitive’ was made available in the fall of 2010.

Lynch is a self-taught musician who plays every instrument, on all of the recordings including guitars, piano and drums. He is also credited with recording and mixing every album in his own independent studio.

Unknown Component has been featured in various music magazines, blogs, newspapers and other media outlets from numerous countries and regions of the world. Unknown Component has also received national radio airplay across the United States on the radio program Undercurrents as well as through college radio.

The song ‘Set To Begin’ off of the album ‘From Anywhere But Here’ was featured in the film The 4th Life which was distributed across the U.S. and Canada by Atopia, and was directed by Francois Miron.

The Iowa native band Unknown Component is a prime example of an indie artist surviving by self-promotion. What makes Unknown Component even more impressive is that the band has only one member: Keith Lynch. Not only does Lynch play all the instruments and record the vocals for each album, he also writes all the lyrics and music, as well as creates the album’s artwork.

- Karen Impola IPR ‘Live From Studio One’


The Infinite Definitive

The Infinite Definitive

1. Moving Out Of Frame
2. Collections Of The State
3. Future Circles
4. A Heavy Heart Or An Empty Stomach
5. The Experience Of Understanding
6. Every Measure And Space
7. When The Illusion Is What It Seems
8. The Introduction Is Arriving
9. Foundation Of Rebellion
10. Electric Dissolution
Blood V. Electricity

Blood V. Electricity

1. Intuition
2. Nowhere Is Alone
3. Gypsies Of The Apocalypse
4. Pendulum
5. Sensory Deprivation
6. Moral Vultures
7. For All Intents & Purposes
8. Dust & The Shadows
9. Painting The Weather
10. The Invisible Line
11. Through The Surface